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In 1947, National President Dorothy Mann had an idea for a program the likes of which had never before been contemplated by the Ladies Auxiliary. She proposed establishing a Cancer Fellowship Fund to support research into the causes, prevention, treatment, and possible cure of this deadly disease. Then, during her travels as president, she heard of the destruction by fire and hurricane of the Roscoe B. Jackson Memorial Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine. The Jackson Laboratory was an important center for cancer research. After discussing the matter with National Secretary-Treasurer Grace Davis, Mann recommended using the new fellowship fund to rebuild the laboratory. Mann implored each unit to start raising funds so that "not a precious hour of research was wasted." By the end of her year, almost $63,000 had been contributed.

In 1952, the name of the program was changed to Cancer Aid and Research. This reflected a program expansion that allowed for grants-in-aid to members who suffered from the disease. In 1961, however, membership growth, spiraling costs, and requests for grants began to endanger the Auxiliary's ability to fund both the cancer research and aid-to-members programs. As a result, the Ladies Auxiliary dropped its grants-in-aid program and replaced it with a low-cost cancer insurance program for its members.

Through the years, the Auxiliary has raised more than 32 million dollars to help individuals, research centers, and specialists in its ongoing crusade against cancer. Currently, the Cancer Aid and Research Committee selects three deserving researchers each year for the Auxiliary's prestigious cancer fellowships. At present, these fellowships amount to $20,000 each.

If past performance is any indication of the tenacity of the Auxiliary's members, they will continue to give both time and money until a cure for this dread disease is finally discovered.

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