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A program whose purpose is "to improve the general welfare of the communities" would seem to open the doors of auxiliaries to almost any kind of community activity. Yet, that is the stated purpose of the Auxiliary's Community Service Program. It is deliberately expressed in such broad terms to allow local units a wide latitude in choosing activities to better their communities.

Although it would be impossible to enumerate all of the projects undertaken by local units, here is a sample of the kinds of community service many units perform:

They help newborn babies and their families by transporting mother and baby to visit the doctor or clinic; delivering hot meals, especially in the first days home; ensuring that the proper baby food and medication is available if it cannot be provided by the parents; and providing other services related to newborns' care. They support their local schools by funding the high school band's trip to the Rose Bowl Parade; contributing books to the library; raising funds for computers or other needed equipment; or by donating new uniforms for the athletic teams. They make their city's streets safer by purchasing stop signs, streetlights, or walk signals; offering safe driving courses; checking up on "latchkey" children whose mothers work; and in some areas, acting as school crossing guards. In a typical year, Auxiliary members across the country donate almost a million and a half hours and over a million dollars to community service.

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