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The Auxiliary's unpublished and unofficial slogan, "We Take Care of Our Own," is embodied in its rehabilitation programs. Through these programs, Auxiliary members raise money; collect clothing, food, and household goods; arrange for housing; and perform other services for those less fortunate than themselves. Often these good deeds are carried out jointly with other local charitable agencies.

In the beginning, these programs were called "welfare" programs - an apt enough name, as their purpose was to improve the financial, physical, and emotional well-being of veterans, their families, and other members of the community. During the depression, however, the word "welfare" became synonymous with the government handouts given to those who could not support themselves. Consequently, the program's name was changed to the more neutral "rehabilitation" in 1936.

Over the years, Auxiliary units have developed a variety of strategies to raise money for rehabilitation activities in their communities. These include holding benefit suppers, bake sales, ice cream socials, raffles, bingo games, and rummage sales, and catering wedding and funeral meals. Even during the depression year of 1939, local units were able to raise about a million dollars annually with these strategies. Fifty years later, the Auxiliary is raising and donating about $8 million (1988-89 figures).

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